Telematics systems solution

A mid-sized insurance company specialized in vehicle insurance and providing coverage for auto, trailers, and boats.
8 months
5 people
Web, Android, IOS
Insurance company
Motor Insurance

Target audience

Target audience

Individuals looking for affordable insurance premiums to safe drivers

Project idea

Project idea

The client wanted to create a new insurance product to better cater to their policyholders and fuel the company’s growth. Our client was aware of usage-based products built on insurance telematics technology. They needed to introduce differentiated insurance premiums to distinct customer groups with the possibility to tailor their offerings to particular groups.

Project challenges

Choose an appropriate & affordable device that any user could easily install in the vehicle to transmit data to the carrier

Create an overall risk score for drivers sourced across insurers’ traditional criteria and combined with the telematics data

Implement solution for tracked data effective management and delivering actionable features to the drivers

Develop an application as added services based on the data provided by the client



ApexTech team addressed the requirements of the motor insurance company with an advanced vehicle telematics solution. Our system applies big data analytics to mine business insights for safety incidents, driver behavior, accident rate. An intuitive dashboard provides a full picture of individual users and user segments, their habits, and behavior. Advanced data processing and near real-time visibility into performance indicators, such as speed, mileage, braking, and acceleration, help our client improve pricing and profitability. The driver application with simplified, automated communication and one-click purchasing features increases the effectiveness of the client’s network, resulting in higher revenue. Our telematics system solution enabled our client to create several (UBI) usage-based insurance programs, in particular pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) and pay-how-you-drive (PHYD) insurance mechanisms, as well as, offer theft protection & crash detection services.

Business benefits

End-to-end solution

Everything from capturing user behavior up to policy issuing and claims reporting.

Smarter acquisition & retention

Data-driven UBI program targets and attracts drivers with pricing based on how they drive

Value-added services

Better pricing for auto insurance customers


Lower operating & claims-related costs, reduced fuel consumption & accident rate

Strategic Edge

The opportunity to develop unique, cutting-edge solutions to lead the digital telematics market

What we did

Phase 1

We chose an OBDII device that can be easily self-installed in cars, thus removing the need for an external installation network. This IoT device allows collecting and transmitting vehicle data securely to a server through a cellular or Bluetooth connection. Self-installation improved the customer relationship and reduced bureaucracy.

Phase 2

Upon discussions with our client, we agreed on the parameters for assessing drivers’ behavior:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Mileage
  • Frequency of cornering & hard breaking
  • Speed
  • Occasions of acceleration 
  • Number of trips
  • Overall score

These metrics were thoroughly defined, and the analysis technique was particularly fine-tuned and precise. For instance, cornering measurements eliminated false alerts from a speed bump. Also, speed limit zones were checked twice against known data and GPS locators.

Phase 3

ApexTech developers chose the .NET framework to solve the problem of information parsing from AWS and its transformation into a well-structured, modeled form. Data received from the OBDII port is further relayed to the AWS using smartphones’ Bluetooth and the cellular connection. We used Windows Services to send the data from the cloud to the dumper. Here, our custom .NET code structures the telemetry data into a modeled one. Then it is pulled from the SQL database and is represented in visualized charts on the custom-developed dashboard. We used Javascript to enhance the visualization features and improve the user experience for the end-users.

Phase 4

Our experts built a user-friendly mobile application for Android and IOS platforms to provide drivers with relevant information and online services. Policyholders can view their scores on each metric and total score of their driving, obtain feedback on their driving behavior, automated claim submission & assistance in case of a road accident. With the monthly insurance fee based on the amount driven, customers benefit from a transparent and more accurate pricing policy.

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Microsoft SQL Server


Power BI



Google Services

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Microsoft SQL



Android SDK




Google Maps

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Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Azure