AI-Enabled Chatbot for the Insurance Company

The US-based provider of vehicle, travel, and life insurance.
8 months
4 people
Web, Messengers
Insurance services

Target audience

Target audience

Customers who use the internet to cover their insurance needs

Project idea

Project idea

The client wanted to automate administrative tasks and customer journeys by developing an AI-powered chatbot. The goal was to increase client loyalty, reduce company expenses, and deliver superior customer services. They needed a virtual assistant that could answer repetitive user questions, reduce average response times, and enhance agent productivity. The client desired to test their customers’ appetite for a 24/7 solution for their digital native customers.

Project challenges

Build an AI-enabled chatbot to make insurance product information & insurance system easier to access and understand for consumers

Brand the bot’s appearance and messaging to support the client’s brand consistency

Integrate conversational chatbot with the company’s internal systems software

Ensure the bot could be deployed on various channels in a matter of hours



The ApexTech team built and implemented a robust insurance chatbot powered by AI technology. Our solution helped the client to automate the onboarding, responses to queries, renewal handling. The virtual assistant can answer over 150 questions, helping reduce the traffic volume that human support staff needs to handle. The AI-powered bot is capable of smoothly transferring the conversation to a live agent whenever required. Our specialists also helped the client to brand the chatbot’s appearance and messaging approach to their business. We integrated our solution with back-end systems ensuring that even the most complex claim forms can be auto-completed in minutes and a more comprehensive service delivered to the consumers 24/7.

Business benefits

24/7 support

Mobile-optimized personal assistant takes care of customers’ insurance-related needs through clear communication


Business users can annotate & bookmark dashboards for better communication between the underwriters and adjusters


Data insights enable creating the right AI-powered conversational experiences for customer service


Since its inception in October 2020, the bot has answered more than 100,000 queries with an average accuracy of 89%

Cost reduction

The chatbot solution automates administrative tasks and customer journeys

What we did

Phase 1

The ApexTech experts chose an AWS technology stack to develop a Conversational AI bot and deliver an exceptional experience for the end-users. The client benefited from the enterprise-grade architecture and technology that supports secure data integration, including AWS Cognito to protect the edge.

Phase 2

Our team decided to use such AWS services as Lambda, IoT Core, and Dynamo to deliver real-time experience and drive the core interaction between users and chatbot. The employment of Amazon Recognition and Amazon Lex allowed a virtual agent to understand the user’s intent. The selected tech stack helped us built the following features:

  • Connection with customers via messenger or web widget
  • Provision of user-specific information
  • Support for transactional queries
  • Insurance recommendations based on the user needs
  • Built-in support for live chat integration

Phase 3

We used APIs to integrate our conversational application to existing systems and ensure easy connection to future business and customer services apps. The chatbot is integrated with Salesforce CRM and databases along with other insurance quotation marketplaces. Pre-built connectors enabled simple chatbot deployment on other channels, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Technologies Used







Microsoft SQL Server


Power BI



Google Services

Testing tools




Messaging platform


Conversational AI

AWS Lambda

AWS Dynamo

Amazon Lex

AWS Cognito

Amazon Rekognition



Testing tools