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ApexTech helps you follow your long-term business goals and implement the best strategies to grow your business and extend opportunities. Salesforce is the perfect CRM platform for building innovative business solutions, and ApexTech is the perfect team that helps to unlock the full possibilities of your idea.


Transforming a Business Need into a top-notch software solution, That’s our Mission and Passion

Our Salesforce consulting services stand out due to our special focus on business. Our experts pay key attention to our client’s needs and challenges to provide you with a comprehensive and clear-cut development roadmap. We offer not just coding capabilities – we develop out-of-the-box solutions to business problems. High customer satisfaction rates are the best success indicators of our diligent work.

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Make your business more Competitive and Sustainable

Salesforce CRM system and cloud computing services are robust and advanced tools that, if skillfully configured and implemented, bring stunning results to the business. Companies get the opportunity to develop their own innovative ways of applying the system to improve the position in the market, drive ROI, and become a sustainable enterprise. ApexTech is here to help you discover those unique ways of employing Salesforce and undertake the technical part of its implementation to achieve:

  • High customer engagement and retention rates due to outstanding customer service.

  • Enhanced data analytics capabilities that enable make well-informed and insightful decisions faster.

  • Streamlined business and sales management processes, more effective data management, and transparent performance management system.


We provide better service for Your Business

We analyze your core business processes and propose implementing the best Salesforce products to boost sales and stay ahead of the competitors. Our agile development approach helps you see benefits quickly, while seamlessly catering to your clients’ needs. We help create custom industry-specific CRM platforms based on your vision for the use-cases, targeted audience, and budget. With our strong business focus and Salesforce expertise, we help you develop innovative solutions you won’t get anywhere else. We are excited about breaking grounds, but our true passion is putting it to work for people.

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Through our professional development services, we help you engineer groundbreaking Salesforce apps and formulate go-to-market strategies. Having your brand name on top business apps marketplace AppExchange is an invaluable opportunity to get extended visibility and reach out to thousands of Salesforce customers. Our team of certified developers creates and deploys the application on AppExchange with ease because we follow all security policies and approval processes.

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Data Migration

ApexTech helps you seamlessly migrate your legacy systems and business data sets to the Salesforce instance. Our specialists estimate the complexity of your project needs and help you select the best migration option. We use advanced tools and techniques to carry out the data transfer securely, quickly, and error-free. Our expert team provides a painless way of cleansing, organizing, and de-duplicating your data to secure integrity and consistency. We ensure smooth data migration from any CRM to Salesforce with minimal disruptions to your workflows.

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Salesforce Communities

Engaging customers online is the key to building a digital-first organization. Salesforce Community Cloud makes that possible. ApexTech helps you create a custom community branding strategy and cross-platform synchronization solutions to leverage the power of intuitive web portals that fuel your growth. We build interactive communities that support your customers and keep them engaged, employee communities with custom features that increase productivity, and partner communities that help you sell more.

We love to help build your perfect Business Project

Well-versed in good coding and competent in diverse industries, ApexTech’s dedicated team of experts can craft an impeccable product for your company. We leverage the power of Salesforce clouds and emerging technologies to add more value to your unique business and guide to success. Our solution helps you build strong brand loyalty and provide an extremely personalized customer service that will retain your existing clients and drive new. Immersing into your business project, we propose tailored solutions that will work only for you.

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Marketing Cloud

The most popular brands in the world use the Marketing Cloud to establish enduring customer relationships across every single digital channel. We help you join them by empowering your business to track every customer and reach your prospects more successfully. Drive the revenue of your creative marketing campaigns by using the Salesforce marketing automation tool, which we integrate into your CRM for seamless functionality.


Sales Cloud

Connect with your company departments through Salesforce Sales Cloud to track the journey that your customers take from leads through to a closed sale and beyond. ApexTech assists you with complex deployments, sales process automation, and integration into your Salesforce instance. Leverage the power of top-notch innovative technologies and our Salesforce expertise to provide your enterprise sales team with an amazing operational management solution.


Service Cloud

With our Salesforce service cloud services, you can improve customer experience by streamlining and sharing customer data across departments. We help your customer service team optimize their workflows and tasks while reducing time in case handling. Our specialists also perform custom data migration and integrations with third-party company applications to provide a 360° view on all your data and processes. Empower your sales team with relevant and updated customer information to make quick and smart decisions.


Einstein Analytics

Take full advantage of your business data by harnessing the data-driven insights with Einstein Analytics. This Salesforce cloud transforms raw data into charts, graphics, and dashboards for valuable business insights. At ApexTech, we create custom AI-powered solutions and integrate data from external resources, so you have all your data in one platform. Our experts design and customize dashboards that help you visualize where you are today, to make smart decisions tomorrow. With Einstein Analytics, you will be able to improve any business outcome and spot incredible opportunities.

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