ApexTech powers insurance companies and startups with cost-efficient, law-compliant, and customer-focused business software solutions. We help you boost your insurance business by deploying breakthrough technology and customizing our legacy software products to your specific needs. Our software development team combines a deep understanding of top niche insurance markets with expertise in data analysis software to help you provide more personalized customer service.



Assortment of result-based solutions

The insurance industry aims to become fully digitized in the near future which requires new standards-setting for running a business. ApexTech is honored to help businesses manage the difficult shift to the digital environment and meet international insurance standards to serve the Insurtech booming market. We are excited about becoming your expertized and trusted technology partner with a hang of competitive techniques who guides and supports you through the whole process of digital transformation. We fine-tune business software products until they deliver the results satisfying our customers. ApexTech expert team builds software solutions for Property and Casualty, Travel, and Life insurance providers.

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P&C Insurance Software Development

ApexTech provides Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance software solutions and development services to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your company. We deal with advancing the insurance claims processing workflow, shortening of quote time, submission, and policy issuing procedures to a few minutes. We streamline claims management, advance client interactions, and reduce claims cycle time within our P&C insurance software products.

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Travel Insurance Software Development

Our travel insurance software is the one powered by topnotch innovative technologies such as AI, Big Data, and BI to enable real-time analysis of people seeking insurance. This allows private insurance agencies to determine the risks and take into account multiple major factors before they offer the policy and premium. We urge you to guarantee that our software displays a flawless performance regardless of the user number and transaction volume during peak periods.

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Life Insurance Software Development

We develop life insurance software solutions that serve all needs of life insurance providers and their clients. ApexTech insurance software solutions fulfill all the customers’ requirements at the earliest. We customize insurance software and advanced mobile applications for our customers’ precise business workflows and their unique vision. ApexTech software development services are honored to accompany you through market changes.


What is Insurtech?

Insurtech stands for insurance technology and implies a wide category of innovative technologies. Groundbreaking technological advancements transform the insurance industry and the way insurance providers conduct their business. There are tangible results provided by ApexTech that presume customer interactions improvement and prompt service, such as:


Internet of Things revolves around machines and devices that are interconnected through the Internet. Electronic devices receive, store, and transfer data over the network. Insurers use this data to analyze accidents, estimate damage, provide discounts, etc.


Artificial Intelligence is a technology that enables engineering computer programs that mimic human behavior, learn through data consumption, and have reasoning ability. Insurance companies utilize AI chatbots and programs that interact with clients, answer questions, and help fill the claim reports or applications.


Smartphone applications in the insurance sector deliver an ultimate mobile experience to smartphone users who demand instant access to insurance services. Experienced developers at ApexTech can build the app performing various functions as per your request.



Stellar solutions for emerging companies

We believe that a stellar solution is an intelligent insurance software tailored to your business needs. Therefore, we develop robust solutions across the insurance value chain focusing on what really matters in insurance: digital innovation, unique end-user experience, security, and compliance. ApexTech experienced team engineers, implements, and optimizes insurance software products to customer-specific requirements.

Custom Software Product Development

ApexTech custom insurance software, mobile, CRM, and ERP systems solutions enable your company to automate core business processes including underwriting process, insurance policy administration, reports generation and claims payment process while complying with insurance industry regulations. Your customized insurance systems software is flexible allowing us to add the necessary functions, relevant plug-ins for your specific operations, and accustom the usage to your needs.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

We empower health and car insurance companies to get a complete picture of their business operations and make strategic decisions via our Business Intelligence software solutions. Our insurance BI systems solutions allow compiling company data and constructing comprehensive data visualizations. This enables deriving valuable data insights, improve forecasts, and make data-driven decisions. Unlock the capabilities of your company valuable data and improve the productivity with data analytics and management functionalities of our BI software.

Omnichannel Insurtech Solutions

ApexTech helps independent insurance agents and car insurance companies deliver omnichannel solutions so your policyholders receive unique customer experience on any device. Our omnichannel insurance solutions with AI capabilities enable tailored offers based on customer data, reduce churn rate, and keep clients engaged. We help insurers increase productivity assisting them with closing opportunities faster while enhancing customer experience through smart omnichannel interactions.

Integration with third-party services

When implementing insurance software solutions, we make sure that our product is smoothly integrated with your internal systems and IT enterprise applications. ApexTech helps insurers integrate their platforms with multiple data sources allowing them to have all data at their fingerprints. We perform seamless integrations of sophisticated systems to provide a streamlined user experience to our clients.

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Insurance Software Development

ApexTech offers all-in-one topnotch insurance software products that convert your company into a state-of-the-art digital company. We help you satisfy existing policyholders, attract new prospects, and motivate agents to sell more.

ApexTech’s industry-specific software solutions are powered by expertise gained from long-term experience. Our expert team successfully resolves all insurance technical challenges including security, scalability, compliance, high load, and more. We are a one-stop-shop for all insurance software programming demands including the development of claims management and risk management systems. We build insurance web-based and mobile software solutions with customizations for P&C, life, and travel insurance companies.

We understand the complexities of the Insurtech industry and know how to turn the liabilities into your assets with the help of modern technologies. Extend your insurance service offerings and build a competitive advantage with the ApexTech team of professionals.

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