Salesforce Support and Maintenance

ApexTech knows that a well-implemented Salesforce platform is as vital for customer satisfaction as a well-maintained platform. The professional expertise of our certified specialists will ensure a smooth experience and a stable work of your CRM. Minimize technology investment with proven administrative and support services of Salesforce technology from the ApexTech expert team.


Enhance your Salesforce experience with us

We have demonstrated exceptional skills in transforming the business of our clients by being their extended team. Our comprehensive support services include a range of activities, including administration, development, and customization of your Salesforce tasks. We understand that your business needs may change over time. Hence, we proactively monitor your Salesforce environment to identify areas of performance improvements and develop best practices. We are going the extra mile to deliver our customers a seamless CRM experience by mitigating any risk that may arise with your Salesforce instance.

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    Full-cycle Support

    ApexTech offers end-to-end support of the Salesforce products. Our qualified developers and consultants can help your company with Salesforce implementation, administration, problem correction, customization, and maintenance. Based on your project needs, we offer the flexibility to choose an engagement model that suits your developer support needs for higher end-user adoption. It’s the ideal economic approach to quickly scale up your capabilities while only paying for the help you need.

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    Dedicated Experts

    We provide you with a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise in the depth and breadth of Salesforce clouds, tools, and applications. Our talented pool of experts with their vast industry experience helps you maximize the returns for your investment in technology. Establish a well-managed Salesforce interface with the ApexTech team that specializes in tech support. We will handle all your administration and development tasks to help you focus on your core business functions.


We are experts at

Configuration Improvements

Apart from supporting your day-to-day administration needs, we are ready to provide you with an extra pair of hands to help you with configuration management. We work with your CRM administrator to figure out the why behind the changes and implement best practices. Our masters in business analysis and strategic management learn what your current issues are, what your future goals, then identify the necessary configurations and advance your Salesforce performance, efficiency, and opportunities.

  • Increased quality and speed of your support, sales, and marketing departments

  • Extended functionality of your Salesforce CRM.

  • Automated operations such as emails, data sharing, and security management.

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We help you align your business processes with Salesforce features

We use Salesforce’s innovative tools to build custom features and workflows while tailoring the system to your business processes. Our dedicated team helps organizations keep updated with the latest features so that your business efficiency always remains high-end within the stipulated time and budget. You can always rely on the ApexTech team of experts to troubleshoot the upcoming updates on-time, ensure smooth user management, and keep Salesforce aligned with your business objectives.

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Risk Mitigation

Invest in the right talent and minimize the risks with ApexTech outstanding services and custom maintenance solutions. We guarantee reliability and superior quality services to your Salesforce challenges to protect your investment in technology and maximize returns. As true experts of Salesforce technology, we deliver a lightning resolution of any issues with zero downtime.

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Reduced Losses

We understand that every hour of your Salesforce downtime leads to loss of prospects that can cost lots of money. Delegating the CRM system maintenance, technical constraints, and functionality improvement challenges to our team can save a big chunk of your budget. Salesforce tech support services by ApexTech offer you a cost-efficient way for enhanced workflow and process automation.

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Saves Time

Save your valuable time by engaging ApexTech specialists for your Salesforce administration and technical tasks. We take over all your software development and maintenance needs to let you and your employees focus on achieving your business objectives. Our Salesforce team of experts have vast experience in administering CRM platforms and developing tailored solutions, so we deliver services on or before committed time.

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Top-notch Experience

Our team of certified Salesforce developers, consultants, business analysts, and testers learn your project business requirements to the roots. Following a customer-centric approach, we develop and configure custom CRM solutions that scale, operate smoothly, and, most importantly, provide an excellent experience to our customers. With high quality and long-term commitments towards our clients, ApexTech ensures complete customer satisfaction.

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