We pay attention to digitalization and technological innovation that affect the banking and finance industries at every level. We thrive to stay competitive in the market. Thus, ApexTech responds to customer needs for mobile-first technology, enhances operational efficiency, and complies with regulatory requirements at the same time. ApexTech combines traditional financial services with innovative technology solutions providing an outstanding outcome in the modern Fintech industry.


    PCI DSS Compliance

    Our comprehensive Fintech solutions and systems are built with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, the core importance being ensuring safe transactions for businesses, using high-end security to safeguard our customers from credit card fraud and theft. Our robust payment security solutions cover all the key areas of the system through 12 high-level controls. Every organization that accepts, stores, and transmits credit card data is required to have PCI DSS compliance validation.

  • FIPS 140-II

    FIPS 140-II

    Not only do we develop superior financial industry-specific solutions, but we also make sure they are aligned with FIPS 140-II security standards. ApexTech helps banks and financial institutions align with regulations while providing them with reliable cryptographic-based tools and systems. Our solutions are compliant with FIPS 140-2 ensuring the protection of sensitive data as well as data confidentiality and integrity.

  • PT

    Authorized Penetration Testing

    ApexTech can help you stay ahead of the threats by providing penetration testing services of integrated security systems, computer programs, and applications. We make sure our customers are safe due to the means designed to discover software vulnerabilities and exploited by us. ApexTech highly skilled security professionals put customers’ minds at ease by performing authorized cyber-attack simulation which helps you assess the level of risk for your company, figure out network security flaws and help you fix the identified threats and vulnerabilities.

We provide ROI driven Fintech Services

Extend your financial solution services with mobile user experience and innovative technology solutions provided by ApexTech to witness the real boost of your ROI.

Our dedicated development team possesses years of experience in crafting high-performing fintech software. We prioritize our customers’ wish to save costs using an integrated approach that allows us to automate banking operations and obtain substantial financial benefits. We help you deliver advanced financial services through diverse progressive payment options, reinforced operational efficiency, and customer experience that is second to none. Our custom financial solutions enable you to speed up payments and reduce costs simultaneously. We increase ROI by delivering professional financial services.


    Integrate & Extend


    Improve Sales
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Boost your business with Decent guidance and passion

ApexTech provides fintech firms and businesses with strategic insights on how to reinforce their technology stack to become more efficient and sustainable.

We will guide you to meet the needs of the modern technologically-powered banking and finance industry, helping you leverage the power of real-time analytics and digital infrastructure strategy to extend opportunities and grow your business. Our deep expertise of the fintech industry and custom software development experience allows us to custom design and implement complex systems in the financial technology sector. ApexTech cutting-edge technical expertise can streamline and transform the full spectrum of banking services including electronic payment services, risk management framework, insurance systems, card issuing, and accounting. A trusted provider of IT services to the fintech industry, ApexTech helps businesses align technologies, people, and processes with the business goals to reach operational excellence.

  • bank

    Banking Solutions

    We develop digital banking solutions with seamless integration of top core banking systems into a single platform. ApexTech experts help you introduce cutting edge technologies to your online banking services to accelerate processes, secure sensitive user data, and make transactions transparent. Our experts will help you digitalize, automate, and customize your banking services focused on your clients’ needs and requirements.

  • credit cards

    Card Issuing

    ApexTech expert developers solve the business needs for digital prepaid solutions such as branded reward and virtual incentive cards, reloadable payroll cards, and other cards. We have all your card issuing needs covered. Our custom software solutions developed regarding privacy and security standards ensure secured transactions that are speedy and accurate leading to the enhanced end-user experience and customer trustworthiness.

  • calculator

    Financial Accounting

    Our team of professionals delivers fault-tolerant solutions for digital accounting software and financial data systems that provide easy access and retrieval of the data through the utilization of integrated systems solutions, real-time reporting, and big data analytic tools. We help you collect and manage data from diverse sources and get insights for future needs. Using microservices architecture, we deliver top-notch solutions that can be easily optimized for your data financial services.


Allow us to cater to your queries

In the highly regulated financial services sector, it’s vital to adhere to all industry regulations and global security standards to avoid serious fines and protect your business. In today’s banking sector, the more digital services offered, the higher are the regulatory requirements and thus are the digital threats. ApexTech develops fintech solutions focused on maintaining regulatory compliance and data security standards. We help organizations reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, protect their clients’ funds and data with KYC/KYB/AML-compliant software while becoming responsive to regulatory changes.

  • Know Your Customer

    KYC regulations help businesses onboard a secure clientele

    KYC is a legal and regulatory requirement that refers to the identification of your new customers for the prevention of suspicious financial activities. We assist fintech firms with handling anti-fraud processes and integrating KYC form to build a strong and robust fraud-prevention system. ApexTech is adept in all areas of KYC compliance.

  • Know Your Business

    KYB regulation helps scrutinize the business entities you deal with

    KYB verification is the due diligence review of the client company to secure your own interest before engaging with another business. ApexTech assists B2B companies with KYB compliance to help you verify the corporate information of your potential customers to protect your business. With our help, you will be protected against money laundering and shell companies as well as fully compliant with financial industry regulations.

  • Anti-Money Laundering

    AML policy protects your business and instills confidence

    Companies have to incorporate an effective AML program into their business processes to verify whether the sources of the client’s funds are legitimate. Our AML modules integration enables you to handle transactions in an AML-regulated framework, prevent liability, avoid association with money laundering, and other illegitimate money frauds.

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