Salesforce Development Services

We understand how transformational advanced Salesforce technology can be for businesses. ApexTech helps you boost company performance through the design and deployment of custom digital solutions. We turn Salesforce CRM into an affordable and delightful experience for our clients by streamlining sales and marketing efforts and providing effective post-sales customer support.


Breaking the ice concept for a business transparency

Salesforce technology has completely changed the way organizations used to communicate, trade, share critical financial, and digital sales data. ApexTech custom Salesforce development services provide you with a unified transparent workplace for your employees and vendors, customized in line with your business model canvas. We work with advanced Salesforce platform technologies to develop and implement unique business solutions.



Our developers are experienced in Apex coding to handle complex business operations that go beyond the capability of workflows. We can build cloud custom solutions, invoke external services, and apply complex business logic to your Salesforce instance. Our certified engineers work with Apex to develop native Salesforce ISV apps, configuring, and designing communities. We also use Apex tests to spot and fix errors and ensure the seamless performance of the Salesforce CRM system.


Lightning Platform

Enable smarter work environment with mobile applications developed by your trusted Salesforce partner, ApexTech. We are proficient in developing Salesforce apps that render rich user experience and enhanced operational efficiency. Our certified team of developers uses Salesforce standard lightning components to streamline processes and build custom ones to create intuitive UI with responsive layouts and integrate apps into your CRM. We help you obtain more output from your Salesforce platform and resolve any integration scenario.


ApexTech develops highly scalable, secure, and flexible solutions that provide your business with additional cloud-based computing advantage. We are well-versed in all development aspects of the platform. Our qualified developers create custom web pages within the Salesforce interface and feature-rich cloud apps with world-class value. We assist you in developing a cohesive user experience across multiple devices by customizing the platform and making it Lightning-ready.


API Development

We help companies build custom APIs within their existing solution to allow easy and direct API integration with Salesforce. Connecting your core platforms and applications through custom APIs and integrations for Salesforce, marketing automation solutions, business process management systems, and more will enhance your productivity and reduce time on development. From full Salesforce application development to unique API builds and beyond, our team of certified experts will work directly with you to understand your exact organizational needs and design a winning solution.

We are certified Salesforce experts

ApexTech is a Salesforce certified partner who has hands-on experience in architecting and implementing strategic solutions and is adept at the Salesforce ecosystem. Our consultants help you accelerate CRM transformation by maximizing ROI and achieve functional efficiency with Salesforce. Our qualified developers who passed Certification tests build advanced business solutions, integrate them with enterprise software, and proactively maintain them to ensure the exceptional end-user experience for years to come.

    Salesforce consulting partner
    Salesforce certification: Platform Developer I

ApexTech builds a Future, not just a Project

Our custom development services go beyond just excellent coding skills. Here at ApexTech, we are committed to gain insight into your current business issues and tomorrow’s objectives to develop a state-of-the-art Salesforce solution with an extra edge. We are seeking to become your trusted partner who has both industry and technical expertise to get and keep your business at the forefront of the technological landscape and industry competition.


As a Salesforce development company, we provide a broad amount of services


Cloud Computing Technologies

No matter what type of business you are in, we can help build seamless data integrations and scalable processes in all Salesforce clouds. Our specialists help you boost sales by configuring Sales Cloud, enable easy interaction with your customers via Service Cloud, and improve engagement by building branded portals. Along with automated business processes, you get a powerful cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface.


Web Apps and Custom Applications Development

ApexTech’s vast experience in app development, and Salesforce expertise, make our services truly useful to our customers. Our engineers build advanced applications for your internal business needs to extend your CRM functionality and enhance such processes as customer service, digital marketing, and sales. We can satisfy the diverse needs of companies delivering highly personalized apps that build amazing experiences around the customers.


Salesforce Mobile Development

Future-ready mobile applications are a proven way to ensure that your company is made to run the most efficiently. We help create smart Salesforce apps to meet the requirements with real-time interaction by providing full-stack development services. We figure out your specific function requirements and transform your idea into a reliable and secure mobile application that stands out on the app stores. We build native IOS and Android apps with mobile SDK and integrate them with your CRM.


Salesforce Configuration

ApexTech follows the primary aim - meet your unique needs. We help you adapt Salesforce to your business, not the other way round. Our Salesforce configuration and customization services include UI modifications, data model organization, and business logic architecture re-engineering. Our team aligns existing and creates new functionality so that your customers can do more within the environment. We also build custom workflows, dashboards, and reports to ensure Salesforce fits your processes.


Quality Assurance and Testing

We help companies to keep their Salesforce platform bug-free offering Salesforce quality assurance and testing services. Our QA experts are actively involved in every stage of project implementation. We run multiple Salesforce tests to secure the flawless performance of your CRM system, applications, and custom configurations. Beyond functionality, our team ensures that your users get the experience you intend to deliver.



Eliminate duplicates and facilitate the management of your Salesforce instances with ApexTech data deduplication services. We help companies to increase data quality, accelerate workflows, and overcome the chaos caused by poor data. We provide quick and effortless data cleansing and removing. We automate the needed data management processes and procedures while keeping full control of the outcome.

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