Salesforce Integration

ApexTech offers seamless Salesforce integration services to centralize a multitude of data sets across enterprise diverse ecosystems. We help you seamlessly connect complex systems and optimize inter-department workflow, achieve cost reduction, and efficiently control assets. Make your business more efficient and consistent with ApexTech’s holistic services.


Setting clear business objectives

Most likely, your organization uses multiple software and apps to perform various tasks, often a combination of cloud, social, mobile, and on-premise applications. Siloed systems offer little or no visibility into business processes and require manual interventions, time, and money on tracking numerous workflows. By integrating Salesforce with your third-party software, ApexTech helps you establish a flexible and secure information flow, providing an omnichannel view of your customer journey. We bring together all your siloed software, creating enhanced customer engagement and improved employee experiences. Achieve greater productivity and better operational control, strengthen your business decisions to reach exceptional results through a unified view of your customer data.


Email and Personal Planner Integration

Connect your CRM system with customer emails and best personal planning software to boost the effectiveness of your staff and make the customer experience outstanding with Apextech services. Our team of experts helps you synchronize all your emails, tasks, and contacts so that you have the full history of customer relationships without wasting time on data logging. Improve your sales rep productivity by keeping track of the crucial customer conversations and establishing streamlined operation.


ERP Integration

Achieve cross-departmental cooperation by integrating your ERP system with Salesforce. Your sales managers will have access to all the critical information about your clients and resources right from your Salesforce instance. It helps to visualize the supply and demand structure and enable better work alignment between your resource management and sales teams. With smooth data flow, you can plan your procurements, forecast demand increase for specific products, and deal with customers faster. ApexTech performs Salesforce integration with all popular office ERP systems.


Google Apps Integration

We assist with integrating Salesforce with other applications smoothly and securely, including a suite of tools from Google. We facilitate the connectivity to Google Apps to let your employees collaborate, communicate, and share business information more conveniently and effectively. Leverage all Google Apps capabilities such as creating and managing tasks, contacts, documents, presentations, and calendars within your Salesforce interface with ease.


CTI Integration

Improve call management with ApexTech services that help integrate both on-premise as well as cloud-based phone systems with the Salesforce ecosystem. We help organizations to make calls to prospects using Salesforce, impacting the overall customer service. We use CTI tools and telephony service provider APIs to connect your CTI systems with CRM. Phone system integration will enable you to boost sales graphs, advance service quality, and accelerate speed.

Generating new customers via online mode​

It’s essential to establish smooth data flow across all departments, automated sync of data, and unified access for end-users to provide exceptional customer service and attract new clients. ApexTech delivers topnotch Salesforce solutions that ensure your complex systems, tools, and business applications work as a single organism to let your staff generate even more customers. We integrate the most popular platforms and robust automation tools that are essential for modern companies to identify new prospects.

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  • Social Media

    Take advantage of valuable market intelligence and manage customer engagement across platforms to deliver personalized services. We integrate different social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, to enhance customer visibility and help your sales reps track the social activities of the prospects. Any lead generated from social media will appear directly in your Salesforce. With the additional layer of data, your sales team gains more insights to accelerate their opportunity winning rates and generate new clients through strengthened user engagement.

  • Marketing Automation

    Salesforce marketing automation drives sales by connecting your customers at the right time and providing valuable offers on the most relevant touchpoints. ApexTech deploys marketing automation adjusted to your company needs to help you enlarge the client base, advance the marketing funnel, and close more deals. Build targeted marketing campaigns that engage your clients and re-engage cold leads, helping to enlarge your sales pipeline - while tracking the profitability of each campaign.


Skyrocketing business ideas over cross-platforms

With the help of APIs, integration platforms, and customer connectors, we can integrate any system, including software-enabled services like payment gateways. Our adept team engineers a multisystem end-to-end workflow across the vital systems and completely automates core business processes. We perform cross-platform integration from on-premise to cloud and vice versa, to enable you to implement business ideas at lightning speed.


Accounting integration

Our proven capabilities in accounting system integration will help you manage your finances better, create reports, and improve forecasts with data-driven insights. Handle invoices, augment customer profiles, enhance business forecasting, and contribute to more in-depth data management through a single point of entry.


Post-delivery support and maintenance

ApexTech offers post-delivery support of executed integrations to ensure the smooth functionality and utmost performance of your Salesforce instance. We provide maintenance of third-party tools, system integrations, and secure data integrity to ensure strong inbound and outbound data flow as well as application connectivity. We accustom the integration parameters to facilitate end-user adoption.


Collaboration system integration

Many companies use collaborative process automation systems to store documents and manage collaboration company-wide. ApexTech helps businesses to avoid integration risks like data duplication, extra expenses, and downtime during the shift between the systems. Our team of specialists makes sure that complex integration goes properly, providing your staff with more flexibility in collaborative project management.


Operational efficiency

Save time on repetitive tasks with easy to use interfaces and simple processes. We deliver properly configured integrations and automation that reinforce the operational effectiveness of your business by eliminating manual processing errors and mistakes due to incorrect data. Move to a more integrated CRM environment, where all the data, products, and services are unified, deduplicated, cleansed, and synchronized across domains. Our experts provide effortless access to all your business-critical data through a single Salesforce CRM interface.


eCommerce integration

Unify buying experience and increase the revenue with ApexTech eCommerce integration services. We help you stay connected to customers with relevant real-time information along with enjoying innumerable benefits such as e-commerce data management and analysis, enhanced demand forecast, and improved inventory management. Our advanced solutions enable better cross- and up-selling, initiating viral digital marketing campaigns and providing an engaging customer experience.


Business automation

ApexTech assists organizations with automating key business processes to help employees handle numerous tasks: from sales and marketing areas to accounting and logistics. Properly integrated software and IT automation simplify daily tasks by optimizing internal resources and accelerating service department operation. Business automation through the Salesforce brings such positive results as improved business efficiency, top-notch customer service, and smart sales management.

Numbers we are proud of

We have a wealth of qualifications and experience to solve your problem and develop a solution that fits your needs. Having worked in a number of verticals, we are in a position to gain an understanding of your pain points and offer the best solution that leads to our clients’ business growth and increased ROI. Our commitment to every integration project and holistic approach results in a high customer satisfaction rate and loyal customers.

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