Food and Grocery

Food and grocery industry is a fiercely competitive sector where businesses have to meet high standard product and service quality. ApexTech food service software development services help your business automate day-to-day store and back-office processes, streamline distribution, and delivery resulting in improved productivity, increased sales, and profitability. Our integrated software solutions built and configured by ApexTech expert developers help food service providers and online grocery sites handle any process more efficiently and intelligently.


Food Delivery

Whether it’s a food delivery service or grocery distribution center, our bespoke software developed specifically for your business helps you advance logistics and gain complete visibility of your products. Avoid food ordering hassles, enable real-time tracking and responsive order prompts with our custom software development services. We offer food delivery software to fully automate the delivery management process from end to end.


Single/Multi Store

We have experience and skillset to build either single-store e-commerce software applications or centralized multi-store software with a unified admin panel management. We design a custom online grocery store adding advanced features so that you and your shoppers get easy to navigate, secure, easy to use, and visually appealing online store website. Our multi-store software solutions allow running multiple websites from a single user-friendly dashboard while delivering an impeccable shopping experience to customers.


Food Aggregator App

Add mobility to your small food business to attract even more customers with ApexTech fully customized food aggregator app. Our tech team develops exceptional online food delivery mobile apps and food aggregation systems that allow users to check your menu, order food, and pay online via their smartphones. ApexTech powerful cross-platform solutions for food aggregation and delivery come with innovative features that will earn customer loyalty.


Order Tracking

ApexTech developers create web and mobile app solutions that allow tracking orders in the present time. Enabling your customers to know details of their order adds transparency to your services and customer trustworthiness to your business. Our live order tracking system keeps your clients updated with the delivery status helping to avoid chaos and customer complaints in case of delay.

Food and Grocery Industry Expertise

ApexTech’s dedicated development team provides multi-year industry-specific experience to help you manage food business or online grocery store effortlessly and get your items off the shelf quickly and efficiently. Technical and industry expertise of our programmers, designers, and business analysts coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction encourage us to create indeed innovative software solutions. We develop, customize, and implement software products that optimize your distribution and delivery processes, retail grocery inventory service, and quality management process. We help you add traceability while meeting compliance with regulatory requirements. Gain new customers and push sales with bespoke food and grocery software solutions engineered by ApexTech.


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Secure Payments

From cash on delivery and PayPal to bank transfers, ApexTech techies ensure comfort to your buyers with painless and secure payment methods. Using advanced technology, our programmers add and integrate any number of payment options you need to meet the demands of your customers. Based on our development experience, we create fast, safe, and easy to use payment solutions that minimize wait time and keep customers happy.


Deals, Cashback & Promo Codes

With our custom grocery software solutions, you can add, manage, and promote special discounts, food coupons, cashback, promo codes, and special deals to your buyers. ApexTech’s promotions engine helps you create great deals to get your perishables off the shelves. Our IT solution allows you to target specific buyers, build different kinds of discounts, select time frames, regions, etc.


Managing Logistics

We create, customize, and integrate logistics management system software for natural grocers and wholesale food providers to ensure timely and reliable delivery to their customers. Implementing our logistics software solutions, you will be able to provide outstanding logistical services at an affordable price fulfilling buyers’ expectations. Automate distribution and route planning, manage and track your vehicles, and improve efficiency with ApexTech logistics software for small business and large grocery stores.


Delivery Status & Details

Expert developers at ApexTech build online food store software solutions and advanced mobile applications for the delivery staff. Our robust solutions are designed and equipped with the essential features to establish seamless same day grocery delivery. The software developed by our programmers guides your customers, provides detailed information on delivery, and sends them notifications on any status update.



Clarity in strategic business decisions

Having the complete visualization of your core business processes and customer data at your fingertips enables planning processes smartly.

Robust big data analytics tools and more advanced accounting systems technology created and integrated by the ApexTech development team empowers you to make more informed decisions. We help you get insights on every single process of your food business beginning with food production, and inventory management to food service, warehouse, distribution, and delivery. Along with data and processes clarity, our bespoke grocery software solutions help you improve productivity, streamline workflow, keep product and service quality, and quickly earn loyal customers.


Integrating online business operations

We develop advanced software solutions for online grocery sites and food retailers that we seamlessly integrate into your software. We equip our end-to-end food service management solutions with a suite of powerful tools designed to boost operations and sales. Leveraging our industry and technical expertise, we are eager to provide you with a custom-made eCommerce software solution that covers all your specific needs. Inventory control management system, point of sale software, costing, product quality system, ordering, and online payment, all packed in a single easy to use platform. Entice customers, organize your complex inventory smartly, and drive sales with ApexTech integrated food service software solutions.



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