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Top 6 Free Resources for Web Designers and Developers

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April 16, 2021
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Top 6 Free Resources for Web Designers and Developers

It isn’t that easy nowadays to satisfy the clients with a common web layout and visuals. They want an ultramodern visual content design with eye-catching graphics and creative logo design to keep their customers engaged. Their ideal website also needs to be intuitive and exciting enough to make the site visitors want to find more about their business. 

A well-designed and user-friendly website is any designer’s dream. And to reach the heights of the digital world, web designers and developers should ensure that their web project is fully functioning and visually appeals to potential customers.  

With the internet rise, a wide range of tools and resources are now available for designers to make use of to create top-quality and fascinating websites that everyone would love.    

As specialists in web development and design, we have compiled a list of the best free resources you can take advantage of to save time and deliver what clients are expecting.

1. Freepik - more than stock photos


Support your graphic ideas and complement your creative project with Freepik. The platform is packed with highly usable design tools and resources to make your design life that much easier. The site offers high-quality stock photographs, illustrations, PSD files, vectors, and icons for free.

One of the things that make Freepik so popular is an easy search. The filter menu with multiple options helps narrow down designs to find what you need by category, shape, color, or license. You can use the search bar as well. The tool is aimed to locate free graphic content, and if it doesn’t give any resources for a keyword you enter, it suggests premium ones. 

Besides the host of illustrations and icons, the site features plenty of stock photos that don’t have that cliched stock look. The only tricky part is that you have to attribute to your project the inclusion of the name of the platform. Freepik can be valuable for backgrounds and jumpstart projects.

2. Fontjoy = perfect fonts pairing


Any typography geek will tell that paring fonts on a web design project isn’t as simple as it may seem. Depending on your objective (creating balance, tensioning, or showcasing a specific piece of content), there are numerous approaches you can take. 

Fledging designers can now get a helping hand with getting a couple of fonts to play nice together, thanks to Fontjoy. It’s a simple to use web tool that leverages AI algorithms to help you choose the ideal font combination. 

The instrument selects pairings from a database of nearly 2,000 fonts providing you with contrasting yet complementary typefaces with minimal effort from your side. The site includes options for a headline, introduction, and body text fonts, and the intuitive interface allows you to toggle between numerous combinations. All you need to do is set the contrast between fonts and click Generate button.

3. Videvo - stock video footage for pros


It is no news at all that video content is one of the most popular types of content, and the demand for video continues to grow. 54% of customers want to see more video content from a business they support. More brands want their websites as well as corporate social networks to include videos.       

Videvo is a platform that provides thousands of top-quality stock footage, motion graphics, backgrounds, animations, music tracks, and sound effects for professional creatives, all in one place. Free stock videos are available in a variety of resolutions up to 1080 HD. 

Free video clips you download will have one of the licensing models. Videos under the Standard Videvo License can be used in as many projects as you need including, edited and published works. The only requirement is the attribution to the author of the clip, and the restriction is that you can’t make the videos available for download anywhere else.   

The other Creative Commons 3.0 license suggests your free use of the content and its adaptability as much as you want, but you must always credit to the author or licensor. The licensing information is available on the download page for each clip.

4. Codester - marketplace for web development resources


It’s a creative digital marketplace catering to the needs of developers and web designers with such collections as PHP scripts, application templates, codes, web themes, graphics, plugins, and much more. 

Though it’s a marketplace that supposes buying-selling relations, Codester allows users to get four free assets every week. Yes, it isn’t that much, but you can get valuable resources like email templates and even entire source codes for free. The site often runs flash sales where you can find products at ridiculous discounted prices. By the way, you can make an extra income by selling your assets on the platform and buy the needed items on the money you got from selling.    

Thousands of programmers and web designers are keeping their eyes on Codester, you should check it too.

5. UISpace - a myriad of amazing freebies


The platform supported by contributors has a lot of resources to offer for everyone involved in web development. PSD and Sketch files, mockups and fonts, icon sets and vector resources, and so much more are free to download and use. UISpace lets you find the right design or script to help you accomplish any project. So what free products you can take advantage of:

  • AI resources
  • Sketches
  • Codes & scripts
  • Mockups
  • App & web templates 
  • Icons
  • Illustrations 
  • PSD files
  • Fonts

6. Bootstrap framework for faster web development


It’s a very popular framework among front-end developers as it facilitates and speeds up the creation of mobile-friendly and highly responsive sites. Bootstrap is an intuitive and powerful development framework based on CSS, HTML, and Javascript. The technology is an open-source project on GitHub, which is downloadable either precompiled or via the source code.  

Apextech web developers love Bootstrap for its functionality and easiness of use. Our favorite feature is the ability to effortlessly design a grid of HTML and CSS elements. It saves so much time in development and provides very understandable code.

On a final note

We hope this article will help you find resources to simplify or accelerate the development of an amazing UI and high-performing website for your clients. Most of them have free forever pans or at least free trials that will help you get a clear image of how the tools can be included in your projects.

Bonus: a free-forever resource for web designers and developers –  ApexTech blog that features posts on tips and best practices in web and app development. You may also like our recent article on How to Design an Attractive Website, and don’t forget to check our other guides and top lists.

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