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Founded in 2012 by a passionate and ambitious leader, ApexTech has been delivering strategic IT business solutions and services for complex business problems ever since. Today, the same passion propels us to provide custom software development services around the world. Except now there are more of us, we have become a proven Salesforce partner, and a recognized IT company. Over the years, we have successfully completed multiple projects, 80% of them evolved into long-term partnerships. For more than 10 years clients have been trusting ApexTech with business solution needs.



Our Benefits

  • first-benefits

    Continuous Learning

    At ApexTech we want you to never stop getting better at what you do. We support our employees’ ongoing learning through internal training, online courses, development programs, and weekly English classes. We encourage people to learn not only the technology but also soft skills, management, team collaboration, and public speaking.

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    Health Insurance

    We want the software to be the only thing you’re worried about. That’s why we provide health insurance that covers the pays for medical, vision, drug prescription, and dental expenses. You choose your healthcare provider of choice so you can keep your current doctor or choose a new one. We take care of the rest.

  • third-benefit

    Paid Time off

    When you are at ApexTech, we want you at your best. Every employee gets 18 business days of flexible paid vacation and paid sick leaves for recharge and recovery on annual basis.

  • fourth-benefit

    Teambuilding and Corporate Events

    We love hanging out together after work. Throughout the year, we organize different team-building events, board games tournaments, great company parties, and various outings where we have a lot of fun and networking. We’re sports lovers who promote an active lifestyle, so we often gather for some outdoor activities - basketball, volleyball, tennis, football.

  • fifth-benefit

    Recognition and Evaluation

    At ApexTech, we promote a corporate culture where your ideas count, your talent is valued and your dedication is rewarded. You will get a competitive salary package based on your skills and abilities and special rewards for enthusiasm and valuable contribution to mutual work. The salary is regularly reviewed in accordance with your achievements and professional growth.

  • sixth-benefit

    Tuition/Certification Reimbursement

    We pay for your certification and allocate budget so that our employees improve their skills with some training, tech courses, workshops, and attend conferences based on their specifications and preferences.

Our Principle


Flexibility & Agility

The world of software and business moves fast so we’re always learning, trying new things, and challenging ourselves. We keep our work agile and lean. We are ready to change the way we operate and to adapt to new conditions and circumstances.


Openness & Feedback Culture

We believe in open lines of communication. We speak frankly and listen attentively. We ask for honest feedback and we proactively give it to each other. We keep an open mind to all new ideas, perspectives, and suggestions. Be sure – all ideas will be heard and, if possible, implemented. We strongly believe that this results in efficient collaboration and creates an open environment for bold ideas.

Team power

Team Power

Team spirit is a huge deal for us. We are a team and we act like one. We always support each other with positivity both at work and out of the office and we know we can always ask for help. Tight team collaboration helps our employees to bond well together and work more constructively to solve our clients’ most challenging problems creatively. Great teams that succeed all have one in common – team spirit.

Work life balance

Work-life Balance

We do our best when we feel our best. More is not always better. We’re committed to a healthy work-life balance and believe that relaxed, fulfilled people are more productive and satisfied. So you can enjoy your time working here and spend your afternoons in any way you want. Our balanced approach allows us to have fun, be ourselves and at the same time be professional, performance-driven experts.

Growth mindset

Growth Mindset

The growth-first approach is deeply encoded in our company’s DNA. We embrace new ideas and view challenges as opportunities to explore and extend oneself. Being proactive and iterative – we learn by doing, collaborating, and solving problems that arise. Hence, our endeavor is to keep all of our members highly motivated and create favorable conditions where our specialists can upgrade themselves and become better.

Team challenge

Passion for Our Craft

Our team has a passion and love for what we do and we bring this energy to the clients we serve and the people we work with. Do what you love and whatever you do, do it with passion. There is a commitment to excellence, consistency in implementation, and a desire to learn and grow.

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