ApexTech is a medical software developer that delivers advanced healthcare solutions to help healthcare providers optimize workflows, enhance diagnostics, and personalize patient care services, all packed in intuitive interface design. Together with ApexTech experts of both the IT and healthcare sectors, you can transform the consumer health tech challenge into your competence. Join the future of the healthtech industry through our innovative technology solutions.



Unlock value-based care opportunities with innovation-driven software solutions

We are uniquely positioned to create healthcare infrastructure and consumer-centered smart technology solutions for an interconnected healthcare environment. We engineer all-in-one healthcare ecosystems with strong security, automated data collection, and AI-powered functionality. With our custom health tech software development services, medical healthcare specialists and companies get a winning combination of streamlining processes, reducing costs, and enhancing customer experience. We are ready to help you at every step of the healthcare digital transformation solutions.


Medical Billing

ApexTech provides hospitals & clinics with medical software development services that enhance medical billing. We create and implement robust healthcare management software that not only manages medical billing but also connects multiple EHR and Payer systems together. We tailor innovative software solutions with point-of-care online payment processing for deductibles and copays. The process of patient follow-up requests and third-party medical bill payments can be easily improved with our viable technologies.


Big Data

ApexTech experts help government and private healthcare companies to harness complex data processing operations using big data technologies. Our experience in custom software development ensures the capability to use emerging technologies to enhance clinician judgment and healthcare data research. We deliver a fully comprehensive format for clinical analysis management and patient insights given the fact that the data from the electronic medical records, integrated medical devices, and third-party systems is presented.


Health Monitoring and Diagnosis

We are positioned to incorporate data from any third-party hardware and IoT devices into your medical solutions which enables you to track the patients’ health remotely. Our custom healthcare software maintains patient information and delivers personalized care as well as improves the quality of treatment. Your patients will be privileged to be taken care of with our integrated remote health monitoring and diagnosis systems. This system allows us to monitor and analyze their real-time physical and mental health conditions 24/7.


4 steps to build a successful digital healthcare system

We acknowledge the importance of analyzing healthcare key business objectives, marketing, and industry research. Therefore, the ApexTech team takes time to perform market research projects online aiming to discover new possibilities of delivering advanced healthcare services. Our custom development services take care of healthcare solution optimization as well as provide outstanding user experience to their patients. We help you reach your business goals and objectives through innovative care solutions.

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Research Projects

number 02

Find new Ideas

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Start Optimization

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Reach Targets


What you will get with ApexTech

Our expert team delivers custom-tailored healthcare management solutions for all health care workers’ needs regarding internal procedures and administrative tasks as well as digital data management. ApexTech makes sure the patient is the priority with privacy, security, interoperability, and integrity of health data being taken care of.


Medical Insurance Processing

ApexTech experienced software development team creates health tech solutions for medical practice management systems integrating modules for automated claims processing insurance. We consolidate patient’s self-monitoring data to help you optimize your insurance payments. Our custom healthcare solutions involve features for verifying patient’s insurance eligibility. We optimize your time to be able to provide exceptional patient care.


Medical Claims Processing

ApexTech develops and implements claims management systems software. Keeping in mind that the time healthcare providers spend on billing and insurance claim process could be reduced, thus giving more attention to patients’ health. Our claim management software solutions ensure to streamline the billing process and finance management for each claim. We engineer custom medical software that in addition automates remittance and retrieves data from different healthcare systems.


Patient Data Ecosystem

ApexTech team of experts builds all-in-one healthcare patient data ecosystems. Our support and customized features deployment enable doctors to schedule appointments and coordinate health records online. We are experienced in delivering user-friendly portals streamlining and improving patient experience. Our healthcare software solutions provide easy access to individual patient data adding the possibility of data collection on medical devices.


Protected Sensitive Data

As a custom healthcare software development company, ApexTech helps healthcare businesses and providers meet high profile security standards. We provide transparent sensitive data protection from cyber-attacks and system malfunctions, regardless of the used third-party vendor integrations. We deliver a topnotch software system design and rigorous healthcare data security ensured by penetration testing and other security protocols. Our software solutions are compliant with healthcare regulations including HITECH, HIPAA, and other policies.


Our Intelligent Solutions

ApexTech introduces breakthrough software solutions that help health tech companies revamp their clinical and financial processes. We use advanced technology such as Big Data, AI, BI, IoT as well as our healthcare industry knowledge to turn your medical IT needs into your competitive edge.

Healthcare clients are quick to realize that the future belongs to the fee-for-value model that encourages ApexTech services to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care through personalized healthcare services and intelligent solutions.


Rapid Data Capture

Analyzing a large amount of various data inputs like demographics, lab test results, and clinical trial data, we can help improve patient outcomes through big data, BI and AI complex algorithms. Supplying healthcare providers with advanced data analysis tools, we help them glean meaningful insights from structured information to make more efficient, informed, and timely decisions. Better information at the point of patient care results in saved lives.


Expert Team Member

ApexTech is a professional, proven agile team of healthcare technology industry experts who promptly react to any topnotch innovative technologies and adopt them into their solutions. Our engineers, developers, business analysts, project managers, and QA testers are committed toward high-quality healthcare products and delivery excellence. We want to support the outstanding care you provide to the patients by tailoring our innovative solutions to your specific needs.


Integrated Solutions

We enforce seamless integrations of different solutions into one infrastructure: from top-notch predictive analytics solutions and complex medical systems to IoT and online payment solutions. We ensure optimal and legacy healthcare services by streamlining data interoperability across departments and hospitals. Our integrated solutions provide a 360° view of all patients’ critical data and financial records with 24/7 availability and secure access control.


Real-time Consultants

Our custom health-tech apps and solutions empower clinicians to introduce real-time patient consultations and communication to enhance their patient care services. We help digitally connect patients with healthcare providers, practice remote diagnostics and treatment through interoperable telehealth software. Our systems for telehealth are particularly developed for clinicians and physicians aimed to deliver high-quality video conferencing, carry out real-time 1 on 1 consultation and online appointments with patients and colleagues.


Life Science

ApexTech areas of expertise include end-to-end software development of healthcare, biotechnology, and life science software solutions. We cover the whole life sciences software spectrum including diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health. We are ready to help life science companies with projects and technical challenges, powering them with the most advanced technologies to push the borders of innovation in biotech and life science fields.



ApexTech's expert team builds full-fledged EHR and EMR system solutions. We are experienced in creating full-scale network architectures, engaging and solid patient portals, uncluttered and intuitive UX, UI interface designs. Our software solutions for EHR and EMR systems help enhance patient care, improve care coordination model and patient engagement, enhance diagnostics and reduce costs due to the automation.

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