Front & back-office automation for travel agency

Travel operator that helps travelers search and book hotels, vacation packages, and flights worldwide
  • Duration
    14 months
  • Team
    6 persons
  • Platforms
  • Type
    Travel Operator
  • Industry
    Hospitality & Travel
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Target audience

Travelers looking for seamless booking processes and exceptional vacation experiences

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Project idea

The company reached out to ApexTech to build a system with robust functionality for back-office operation management. They wanted to increase their business efficiency and optimize operational costs by implementing an end-to-end solution for automating back office. Our client is also required to develop a solution that would enhance the communication between agents and travelers.

Project challenges

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    Develop a data management system for agents that automates internal processes

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    ⁠Build an integrated communication platform to enhance customer engagement across all journey stages and channels

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    ⁠Achieve a high level of system performance

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Our team has developed an ad-hoc back-office automation solution that streamlined numerous internal processes, including customer data management, booking and reservation procedures, supplier ordering, and ticket issuance. The system allowed the company to work with data in real-time and win more sales with quick responses. We also built a communication platform that integrates all events and customer interactions through a wide range of channels, thus bringing more personalization to communication with travelers.

Business benefits

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    Reduced cost

    Thanks to the automatic supplier inquiry and confirmation process, our client can handle 5x more reservations with the same number of employees.

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    Improved staff efficiency

    Due to automating repetitive admin tasks, staff was freed up to deliver move valuable services.

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    Increased conversion rates

    Personalized omnichannel experience across devices and channels.

What we did


Phase 1

Our task was to design a system architecture and build the platform from scratch. ApexTech team chose a microservice approach to the architecture to ensure the platform can easily cope with hundreds of search and booking requests and rapidly process the incoming data. Our experts built an industry-standard logging solution based on AWS.


Phase 2

Grounding on a new backend data management system, we designed the platform’s frontend to be responsive and easy to use. The interface involved complete layout development, design of UI dashboard elements such as filters for incoming calls, inquiry profiles, online and offline bookings.


Phase 3

Our team has built an omnichannel platform for next-level communication with customers. We integrated email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and web chat in a single dashboard, simplifying communication with visitors, no matter where are they coming from.

Technologies Used

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  • AWS


  • Node.js


  • Typescript


  • JavaScript


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  • MySQL


  • Redis


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Testing tools

  • Selenium


  • Postman


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  • Kubernetes


  • Bitbucket Pipelines

    Bitbucket Pipelines