Intuitive Web Platform with Easy Navigation

Tech company that provides an in-app photo printing service, available through their app SDK, Web Widgets, or API.
  • Duration
    12 months
  • Team
    6 persons
  • Platforms
  • Type
    Printing Service
  • Industry
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Target audience

B2C mobile and web businesses that would like to monetize by offering printed photo products to users.

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Project idea

Create a highly optimized and responsive website solution to acquire new customers and expand the business. Build a compelling web interface customized to suit branding needs.

Project challenges

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    Establish an online presence and develop an intuitive web platform to market services and products

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    Design a simple, user-friendly interface with easy navigation to enhance customer engagement

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    Create an online browser-based administration system to manage user information and process submissions for orders

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    Ensure high website performance and responsiveness to reach out to customers on any device



Putting years of experience in developing value-rich web-based solutions, the team at ApexTech set up a vision-driven online platform for the client. Our software developers have built a powerful and highly-performing website that showcases the client’s products. The eCommerce website contributed to the significant growth of the partner network. The platform reached over 100 million users globally through the B2C sites and apps of their partners. A robust web solution enabled our client to reach customers worldwide increasing its revenues, grow business, and scale rapidly.

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Business benefits

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    User experience

    An extremely easy to use website for the target audience.

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    Brand promotion

    Providing consumers with more information helped to garner more loyalty and accentuate brand engagement.

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    Better market presence with high awareness.

What we did

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Phase 1

The platform has a strong backend foundation with sought after features built with PHP language. We used this server-side scripting technology to provide a high website performance and add the required functionality. For users, the site allows creating and managing their accounts smoothly. Yii 2 framework helped us to speed up page loading time to ensure the high quality of the solution and boost performance.

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Phase 2

We built an administration system that simplifies the management of the site and user information, enables reviewing submissions, and viewing statistical reports. Seamless operation process with unified automated management functionalities for orders, customers, and configuration settings.

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Phase 3

With AngularJS, we designed a fully responsive, fast, user-friendly interface with easy navigation. We implemented exclusive home page customization, ensuring the branding requirements and user experience are met impeccably.

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Phase 4

Our team provided rigorous support and maintenance with regular activities like backups, bug fixes, and solution enhancements that boosted the overall performance.

Technologies Used

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  • PHP


  • JavaScript


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  • Yii2


  • AngularJS


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  • MySQL


  • Memcached


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Testing tools

  • Fiddler


  • Selenium


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  • Stripe


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  • Jenkins