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Top 6 iPhone Apps for Time Management

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March 24, 2024
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Top 6 iPhone Apps for Time Management

Because of the continuing bombardment of meetings, urgent emails, and chat app messages we get, our own time is a sparse thing. Time is a precious resource, and you can’t afford to manage it poorly. No matter your profession, efficient time management matters. 

Technology keeps simplifying our lives. It changes the way we communicate, work, and take advantage of our resources. There are tons of tools you are free to make use of for getting more things done.


We can turn our number one distraction – the smartphone – into a tool that works for us instead of against us. Today, there are robust apps, software, and hardware that tell you far more than where your hours are going. 

Free up your schedule, improve productivity, and find time for your personal life with the helpful software. Here is the list of mobile apps that will power your way through that never-ending to-do list.

1. Hubstaff - time tracking app


Hubstaff mobile app provides a particularly intuitive interface while delivering the time tracking capabilities you may look for. It’s an easy-to-administer tool that adds even more value due to project management features. 

With things like automatic payroll, detailed timesheets, reporting on activity levels, Hubstaff is full of helpful features that remote teams can use to give their productivity a boost. Equipped with this app, you can track your time from your smartphone, manage your team, and account online even while you are on the go. 


  • Productivity tracking functionality 
  • Offline support
  • Constant roll out of add-on features


  • Complicated reporting
  • Not fully customizable

2. Calendar - digital calendar app with analytics


Calendar is a relatively new but robust application with numerous productivity analytics. It’s an intelligent, AI-powered software that learns your contacts, schedule, tasks and begins taking over meeting planning. The app helps you arrange meetings based on your available time slots.

This digital calendar gives you several ways of viewing your spent time, as well as providing insights about your team’s productivity. View your schedules by the day, week, or month and track the time you spent on doing particular duties, attending meetings and events. 

The best thing is that Calendar can sync up with your Apple, Google, Outlook calendars, enabling you to govern all the calendars you have via a single app. Furthermore, a wealth of statistical tools will give you a clear picture of how and where you spend time.


  • Analytics & reports
  • AI-enabled virtual assistance
  • Sync and real-time access across multiple devices


  • Lack of customization options
  • In-app purchases to access analytics

3. Todoist - task list app


Todoist is presumably one of the most pragmatic organizational digital helpers for iPhone users. From household chores to crucial tasks to checklists, this application takes care of the organization for you, allowing you to focus on getting things done.

Add daily habits and repeated tasks with deadlines once, and you won’t have to input them again manually. You can use colors to prioritize the vital duties and get satisfaction from seeing your progress. Todoist interprets natural language, and if you put a “video conference tomorrow at 11 a.m.” note, it will add an event to your calendar. With a paid version, you access even more functionality, including graphs and charts on your progress, automated reminders, and cloud backup. 


  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Can add tasks from emails


  • Most features are limited to the premium version

4. Habitify - habit tracker app


It’s believed that it takes about 21 days to break or build a habit. Although the verity of this claim is disputable, it’s clear that managing and building habits require much devotion and discipline. Many of us can find ourselves being unproductive because we can’t shake our bad habits. 

The IOS application Habitify helps you break your bad habits and foster good ones by motivating you to adopt new routines. It can be viewed as a reminder app that encourages you to do some designated tasks regularly. However, this app goes far beyond being just a reminder. It offers statistics charts, scores, habit creation functionality that help you clearly see the progress and form productive rituals. Eventually, these behaviors will become your second nature. Habit archiving and data export capability are some of the premium features.


  • Multi-platform (IOS, web, and Android)
  • Easy-to-use and customizable layout


  • Does not allow tracking a habit you want to perform more than once a day, so you have to create separate habits

5. Freedom - distractions blocker


The internet, news websites, social media apps are massive distractions from work. Although it’s useful for research and entertainment, it’s impossible to work on anything of meaning if you stop your job to check Twitter or Instagram notifications.

Freedom application for IOS devices not only helps you track time but allows blocking sites and apps that pull you away from your work. Sure, there are some glitches here and there, but overall, Freedom is sleek and extremely easy-to-use. It operates as a type of VPN that sits over your existing network and denies access to specific websites at particular times of the day you set. You can customize your working sessions and pick the websites you want to block using its predefined categories. Focus on what matters most with this affordable app.


  • The cheapest tool on the market
  • Discounts on Freedom’s partner software like Todoist, Asana, Skillshare


  • Only paid version with a free trial for a total of seven sessions

6. Evernote - multifarious app


This is one of the top note-taking applications. It lets you collect and organize all the information, helping you avoid wasting time on recalling what and where you have found and saved it. 

You can use it for writing down your thoughts, ideas or keeping up with your checklists. Web clipper feature allows saving web pages, articles, and PDFs. The app is also ideal for managing your daily activities. Keep your favorite memos, notes, and checklists in sync on all your devices. 


  • All vital information in one app
  • Access from anywhere
  • Easy sharing 


  • Storage is limited for free users

Final thoughts

There you have it – six different applications for iPhone that can help you keep a close eye on your time and figure out how to be even more efficient. Time management is crucial to any profession, especially nowadays, in the era of remote work. So make better use of your time to transform into a lean and mean machine with these time and task management tools. 

Most software comes with flaws or limitations, and you can do nothing about it. Yet, there are always alternative ways. You can build your ideal mobile or cross-platform application that will help you and your team boost your focus and effectiveness. That’s where the ApexTech team may assist you. Get in touch with us to reveal the benefits of custom-built software.

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