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Top 6 Programmer Gift Ideas

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March 10, 2021
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Top 6 Programmer Gift Ideas

The IT sector is truly dynamic and ever-changing. If a person says that he is a designer, most people will think of a web or app designer rather than a home decor or fashion designer. More and more people are becoming involved in this trend-setting field – IT. Chances you have at least three friends who directly or implicitly work in this vibrant sphere.  

Always busy, often sleepy, software engineers and coders also know how to have fun. After all, geeky gifts shouldn’t necessarily be associated with the ad hoc nature of their programming interests. Being custom software developers, we prepared some facts about programmers you should keep in mind when deciding on a gift:

Fact 1. Coders love drinking coffee.

Fact 2. They love gadgets.

Fact 3. They hate distractions.

Here are six gift ideas that will stir your imagination and help you find the perfect gift to your nerd friend.

1. Modern computer accessories for comfort


For people who every day immerse in the world of technology, the following gifts will simplify the working process and make it more delightful.  

  • Wireless mouse. IT pros and computer lovers spend hours with their hands on a mouse. This is their must-have productivity tool. You will impress your geeky friend with an ergonomic or wireless mouse. 
  • Mechanical bluetooth keyboard = joyful developer. On the large eCommerce platforms you will find keyboards of all sizes, sorts, and prices: wireless, with an additional row of function keys, bluetooth, etc.
  • Backup hard drives is a gift idea any coder will value. This is a useful thing that provides backup of vital information and can also be used for additional storage if the computer’s disk storage is low.
  • Earmuffs and noise-isolating headphones would be the best choice. Coders hate distractions. In the era of remote work, many IT professionals work from home, where the chances to be distracted multiply. Earmuffs will appreciate those people who like working in silence. This option will help them focus better on their job. Headphones that will not only block the noise but also allow music lovers to tune in to their favorite playlists – wonderful gift.
  • An adjustable desk will enhance the workspace of a technical guy and make it more comfortable. The job that requires sitting in the front of a screen impacts our health. This desk is an excellent workstation that allows you to choose between standing or sitting and receive benefits from both. It’s very customizable and enables elevating multiple screens, an essential feature for developers. Many people can’t go back to sitting down after using one.

2. Gadgets - toys for techies


Technology evolves every day, presenting unusual devices of all shapes and sizes. As our giftees are technological guys, they would be impressed with the advanced gadgets that will let them show their strength.     

  • The programmable drone is a fun adult toy. They combine an interest in gadgets with coding. This drone enables techies to code custom features into its software. Different quadcopter models support different programming languages. So choose the one that can be programmed with a language your friend is master in.  
  • Smart speakers are a splendid addition to any home. They are good assistants that help control music and do online shopping. Yet some models like Amazon Echo provide more advanced features. It allows you to program the virtual assistant to perform your custom commands and even work with third-party applications.    
  • Coding robots is a toy that can become a good companion and alternative to smart assistants. These gadgets include graphical and full-text coding and are controlled via IOS or Android app. Some robots support voice activation and operate just like virtual assistants.  
  • Cleaning robots can’t speak yet, but they are good, well, at cleaning. This device makes our lives easier. Nobody likes doing household chores.

3. Educational gifts for knowledge-hungry coders

In this section, we compiled gift ideas for developers who are enthusiastic about learning new frameworks and technologies, best programming practices, or new development approaches.  

  • paper book
    never runs out of fashion. They will keep developers away from the monitor for a while. A giftee will be glad to add a new book to their collection. Here are a few classics every coder should have on their bookshelves:
    • Clean Code 
    • The Pragmatic Programmer 
    • The Art of Computer Programming 
    • Introduction to Algorithms 
    • Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code 

Tip. Figure out if your giftee already owns the book you want to present.

  • Course from Udemy. It is an educational platform providing a host of courses on any topic or sphere. They offer some of the best videos for the most popular coding languages along with top quality content for even the more obscure topics.
  • Pluralsight membership is a platform for coding videos beloved by many IT guys. With a subscription, they will no longer need to search the web for tutorials or guides. All the necessary content taught by experts will be accessible on the platform.

4. Gifts for tech-savvies fond of games

VR box

Like gadgets and books, coders love games too. For those in your life who prefer relaxing through games or can’t imagine life without them, these gifts will certainly bring them joy & upgrade their gaming experience. 

  • Gaming console. Many people have grown up playing Nintendo games like Super Mario and Mortal Kombat. If your friend has the old version, you can buy a modern Xbox, Sony Playstation 4 Pro, or Nintendo that delivers better graphics and robust features.   
  • Games. It’s hard to imagine a better present for a gamer than a new game like Minecraft, Fortnite, Doom Eternal, or Cyberpunk 2077. That’s something they will enjoy for sure.
  • VR gaming headset. Oculus is among the pioneers in producing virtual reality-enabled devices. You can buy their high-quality products for reasonable money in the price category of this kind of technology. This gadget will bring gaming experience to the next level.   
  • Gaming keyboard, mouse, chair, high-performance gaming PC would be all perfect gifts.
  • Strategy board game. Tech geeks who may not be big fans of computer games may prefer board games, most likely strategic ones. Amazon has a vast selection of board games to every taste and budget.

5. Fun gift ideas

Programmers enjoy the same things as the rest of us. They like fun, and numerous jokes about coding and coders prove it. Choose a gift that will put a grin on techie’s face.  

  • Fun coding mug. Do you remember Fact 1? Coffee is the fuel for coders. It is an unwritten productivity tool for most programmers. So a mug they use every day should be special. There are many options on Amazon, choose the one with the right message for your tech-savvy. You can also make your gift more personalized and memorable by printing the logo from their favorite coding languages or a meme that describes them best. Be creative.


  • T-shirt or hoodie. The principle of selecting a hoodie or T-shirt is the same as with a coffee mug. Check the various options available on the Internet to come up with a fantastic idea for a T-shirt print.  

6. Gift certificates are always appropriate


Probably, you are not so close with a person and not sure about the person’s preferences. Presenting Amazon or Playstation Store gift cards, you will provide them a choice to purchase anything they need. The brands that offer gift card options include: 

  • Amazon offers personalized gift packs. 
  • Netflix will allow watching an unlimited number of films and original series. 
  • Spotify Premium subscription for a few months.
  • Apple provides a variety of its products and services that could be accessed via a gift card, including Apple Music, TV, books, iTunes, Apple Store. 
  • Amazon Prime Music subscription offers access to the largest collection of music. Some coders love music and never get tired of listening to music.

And there you have it!

We reviewed a vast variety of products that will appeal to nerds and tech geeks.

Buying a gift is easy but finding the right gift for someone is really tough. 

Hope, we sparked your creativity as you seek the perfect present to show the tech geek in your life how much they mean to you.

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